Self Care Plan (Part 3)

Feed yourself spiritually with whatever works for you.
Spend time reading and growing.
If you ever feel restless or non-peaceful, check this area.

Don't isolate too much and don't be around people all the time either.
Find your balance.
Be selective about who you hang around with. Guard your time, energy, and attention in this area.

Self Care Plan (Part 2)

Laugh! Play, have fun. Recreation means "re-creation." Avoid bitterness and resentment.
Watch your self talk. Protect your mind. Feed your mind with positives. Read encouraging books (tapes, articles, etc.).

Self Care Plan:

Balance is the key.By taking care of yourself in a balanced 

way and knowing yourself well, you will be less likely to let others negatively influence or affect you.

Sleep between 8-10 hours per night. Eat Healthily: When you're feeling your best what are you eating? Exercise regularly. Use necessary supplements. Have regular doctor check-ups.

Laughter is the best medicine.

"Laughter is the best medicine." 

This folk saying may have more than a grain of truth to it. Researchers, who recently learned that depression weakens the immune system, are now wondering if humor might strengthen it, improving a patient’s chances of surviving a illness. In any chase, humor does help reduce the effects of stress. A belly laugh can be shown to improve breathing, reduce muscle tension and help digestion. And appropriate humor often relieves the stress and tension of those around you.