Sexual Addictions

Don't wait until this problem starts to affect your job, marriage and self-respect. There is treatment that includes healthy sexual education as well as support groups. Moving forward and out of denial will give you the gift of freedom in your life and relationships.

Now certified as a sexual addiction recovery therapist.

Children of All Ages

Al Vetter started counseling in a school-based environment and understands the needs and interests of young children as well as the adolescent and young adult.

Young Adults

Teen years have never been more difficult than in this decade. It is sometimes so hard for them to understand they are not alone. Teaching life skills and basic communication will enrich their lives for many years to come.

Marriage and Family

Premarital counseling offered as well as relationship counseling for couples. Divorce can be avoided in many situations. Come and learn to work out your problems together.

Anxiety and Depression

There are many different ways to relieve the effects of these common problems that face many people today. Treatment will help you overcome anxiety or depression and result in a more productive and fulfilling life.

Special Issues

Whatever special problems you face today, we are there to help you with research, education and treatment. Let us help you make a real and lasting change in your life today.

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  • Sexual Addiction Counseling